Who we are

Whether you’re new to the business, a career agent with years of experience, or looking to build an agency, our mission is to help grow your business. 

At Corente Insurance Agency, Inc., we take pride in our work and strive to help our agents succeed. We stand apart from the competition by providing ongoing training, working with over 30 “A” rated carriers, creating proven lead programs, offering back office support, and paying top commissions to our agents.  

We know you have options in this competitive market, but not every agency is built to help you succeed like Corente Insurance Agency, Inc. 

At Corente Insurance Agency, Inc., we are ready to help you reach your financial and professional goals this year and beyond.


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"We do it in house"

We spare no expense in producing exceptional Mortgage Life Leads! Our leads are designed to generate sales. Our…

Our Final Expense Leads are mailed to our own proprietary demographic. This demographic has been tested,…

Not all leads are created equal…simply put, there’s no substitution for Direct Mail. Rather than searching…


“Since I started my career as a Life Insurance agent, Saul Bejarano has been an amazing support for me and my business. Saul is always available, giving me the adequate advice on which product is the best for each case, guiding me on what questions to ask but most importantly always putting the client first. Saul Bejarano is an experienced,…

Susana Z.

“I have been working with Corente Insurance Agency for over 10 years now. My production and productivity has greatly improved over these 10 years. I have been in the insurance business for over 47 years and I can say these have been the best. Between the leads and the policy reviews, which we do regularly, my income has doubled. The policy…

John N.

“The team at Corente Insurance truly understands what it takes to make a difference and I would highly recommend them to anyone. They provide numerous training opportunities that help agents to stay on top of new trends and techniques, as well as to navigate through constantly evolving products. The outstanding illustration support provided by…

Julia R.