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About Corente Insurance Agency, Inc.

Corente Insurance Agency, Inc. stands apart from the rest of our competition by providing ongoing training, over 30 “A” rated carriers, proven lead programs, back office support, and paying top commissions to our agents. Whether you’re new to the business, a career agent with years of experience, or looking to build an agency, our mission is to help grow your business! We take pride in what we do and what we offer our agents. We know you have options in this competitive market, but not every agency is built to help you succeed like Corente Insurance Agency, Inc.

Proudly Incorporated in California April 2001, Corente Insurance Agency, Inc. (CIA) stands apart from other IMO’s by providing on-going training, a variety of ‘A’ Rated carriers, Lead Programs, complete back office support, AND paying agents top producer level commissions. Whether you’re new to the business, are a career agent with many years of experience, or looking to build an agency, our mission is to help grow your practice. We pride ourselves in working with talented, like minded individuals who exemplify honesty and integrity and value the business we serve. We know in today’s competitive market, you have choices. Let us earn your business and improve your chances of success.

Fifteen years of producing leads

Corente Insurance Agency, Inc. (CIA) has more than 15 years experience generating leads for our agents. We do not purchase leads from other sources nor do we sell leads as a Mail House. We produce leads for the purposes of life, final expense and annuity sales specifically for our agents. Based upon our experience, Direct Mail results are tried and true and the ROI is well worth the investment. Our leads are exclusive, generated in-house, and distributed daily. Staying ahead of the competition helps you CLOSE THE SALE. Territories are available on a first come first served basis. We strive for excellence and commit to help you reach your sales goals. Ask about earning Lead Credits through our Paid Production Bonus!


As an agent couple working together, since we started with CIA it has been nothing but a Life Changer! We are proud to work for a company with Leadership that we can trust and believe in... with shared values and goals... Working with CIA is a pleasure because of the dedicated and talented people who genuinely enjoy what they do. We have faith in God and in what we do, that is "To help one family at a time".

“I have been working with CIA for over 5 years now. The staff and the training have been amazing. With the leads and the training for life and annuities,my income has increased by over 40% since joining CIA. I am looking forward to a great 2014 and am excited about the new things CIA is working on.”

Corente Insurance Agency, Inc.